SLM Collectivity

SLM is developing an innovative approach to the governance of local and regional authorities and wishes to contribute to experimenting, with the actors concerned, new forms of communication between the different members of society.

SLM Collectivity aims to produce and disseminate innovative technological solutions in order to continuously improve learning processes for local authorities. In a context of ecological, economic and social transition, our vision focuses on knowledge of the terroir as well as local dynamics and international trends, namely :

Better anticipation of needs and risks leading to improved legislation and standardisation.

Better coordination and synergy between citizens, associations, economic actors and public institutions.

Better management of natural, human, tangible and intangible resources.


Organisation of the first olympics of the incubators and the coworking offices: The Innolypmics !

The event aims to bring together communities of startups around fun and sporting games to create a competition around innovative themes, testing their entrepreneurial qualities. Following a qualification at regional and then national level, the competition will see participants from 32 countries defending their colors in the final phase.

The Game has 2 phases :

Phase Online

Organized at the regional level then the national one, a series of online tests will determine a champion to qualify for the finals of the Inolympics

Phase Offline

Held in Lausanne, the finalists will play a series of games (Blind Test, Drone Race, Obstacle Race, Battle Royale) to pick the King of The Inolympics

Intelligent Collectivity Factory

As part of Unicity, the Intelligent Collectivity Factory (IIF) aspires to become an innovation centre for developing collaborative intelligence and artificial intelligence in the voluntary sector and communities at the regional level. With the contribution of NEAH and RIVALDI, it brings together the knowledge and skills of various actors (Associations, Entrepreneurs, Universities, public authorities). The ICF aims to create a regional ecosystem pooling efforts for innovative initiatives in CollTech.

In this target, the Intelligent Care Factory manages a chain of value throughout :

The collection of the needs of the associations

The methodology of the university research

Agile conceptualization of startups

Industrialization of public and private sectors

ICF aims to find solutions allowing :


Create collaborative digital platforms between the actors and the territorial collectivities to improve the flow of their interactions and to improve their impact on society


Develop a database with a cognitive applicative for process and formalisation of files (On-boarding of associations, sponsorship request…)