SLM Éducation

SLM Education develops programs and applications entirely dedicated to learning modes for the reinforcement of the child’s knowledge and skills. SLM Education places the development of open educational resources at the heart of its action, and as a source of Knowledge through play and activities, places importance on the diversity of profiles involved in child development. The main axes of SLM Education are :

A new methodology for a wider diffusion and assimilation of Knowledge

An access to the adequate qualitative content respectful of the child’s age and abilities

A democratization of Knowledge offering a culture of excellence for all

Seffir is an All IN educative box, an initiative of SLM Education to help the new generation of wise apprentices explore their world. Because each child learns at his or her own pace, it is necessary to adapt the educational content, leaving a significant place for the teaching of values, to prepare them for the challenges of the new world. More than just an educational console, Seffir is a community in the making, where sharing is a belief and creativity is a law.

A teaching method elaborated and listed according to a double nomenclature, with 3 axes :

A nomenclature of nature based on the 3 realms : The mineral, the vegetal and the animal

A nomenclature of mankind, anthropomorphically : The body, the heart and the spirit

An operating system with tools for development, creation and collaboration, with open source software, educational capsules, games and a media center. A structured environment for autonomous and playful learning.

Intelligent Care Factory

Within the framework of Unicity, the Intelligent Education Factory (IEF) aspires to become an innovation centre for developing collaborative intelligence and artificial intelligence in the education sector on a regional scale.

With the contribution of NEAH and RIVALDI, it brings together knowledge and skills from various actors (Associations, Entrepreneurs, Universities, Schools, HEP). The IEF aims to create a regional ecosystem pooling efforts for innovative initiatives in EdTech..

In this target, the Intelligent Education Factory manages a chain of value throughout :

The collection of the needs of the associations

The methodology of the university research

Agile conceptualization of startups

Industrialization in the medical sector

IEF aims to find solutions allowing :

To centralise

Centralise and categorize the educative sector data (Professors, Pedagogical methods, students’ profiles) in order to allow a descriptive and prescriptive analysis of the education overall at the scale of the territory.

To guide

Use the cognitive in helping to define pedagogical contents adapted to the students’ needs by setting up a path followed and oriented throughout their studies.

To include

Set up an information portal between parents and professors to improve their interaction at the moment of defining the course and the educational profile of the student child.