SLM Impact Finance

SLM Impact Finance aims at a continuous improvement of the processes of learning and of governance at the service of the industry of Capital Management, through the development of innovative technological solutions. Our vision is that the increase of the knowledge of the dynamics and the components of the market, allows to:

Quickly detect trends and benefit from value-generating movements.

Increase vigilance and reactivity in the face of various risks.

Enhance Governance and processes to preserve capital and value over the long term.

All of our solutions thus aim to minimize chaos and help organize knowledge of market dynamics in order to proceed with its analysis. Our teams have developed a data management and processing algorithm based on the “Whispers Model”. The model contributes to the creation of an intelligent database, like a navigation map made up of knowledge paths forming trajectories. A knowledge path has the following characteristics:

  • 1. A starting point corresponding to the beginning of the signal (generally information)
  • 2. Time for processing and translating into a comprehensible language
  • 3. A movement impacting the assets upward or downward

Whispers Model

The « Whispers Model » continuously produces and structures a big data base, just like a moving ocean. The mapping has been designed to allow the model to generate paths and surfaces over different time horizons, based on regressions and correlations between the different paths and surfaces. The ocean of information in perpetual motion has the following characteristics:


The integrated data is selected based on quality. The production of paths and surfaces starting from statistical models of correlation allows the reduction of the needs of massive aggregation capacity.


The model includes the algorithms of: « Incremental Induction of Decision Trees » by Ross Quinlan, Schlimmer and Fisher which addresses the speed of processing and of analyzing.


The choice of the different models starting from the notions of space, time, speed, processing and analysis, makes the collection task easy, its purpose is to facilitate the navigation of our Artificial Intelligence RIVALDI.

RIVALDI is an artificial intelligence trained to memorize different market contexts and identify response mechanisms. Thanks to its interpretive and predictive algorithm, the whispers model, Rivaldi detects signals from:

The market

The growth

The volumes

The risk

Intelligent Impact Factory

As part of Unicity, the Intelligent Impact Factory (IIF) aspires to become an innovation centre for developing collaborative intelligence and artificial intelligence in the financial sector at the regional level. With the contribution of NEAH and RIVALDI, it brings together the knowledge and skills of various actors (Associations, Entrepreneurs, Universities, Financial actors). The IIF aims to create a regional ecosystem pooling efforts for innovative initiatives in Fintech.

In this target, the Intelligent Impact Factory manages a chain of value throughout:

The collection of the needs of the associations

The methodology of the university research

Agile conceptualization of startups

Industrialization in the financial sector

IIF aims to find solutions allowing:

To digitalise

Facilitate the digitalization of financial services by refocusing the bank of tomorrow around the needs of customers.

To level

Integrate the cognitive into the financial panorama: processing massive volumes of data, adopting new regulations, and leveling out in relation to new Fintech entrants.

To progress

Capitalise on Switzerland’s world-class reputation in banking to position it as a centre of innovation in Fintech.