SLM Care

SLM Care considers the holistic approach of health and environment as fundamental and perceives Man as a synthesis of the Mineral, Vegetal and Animal realms. Thus, an approach to care can only be complete if it integrates the different constituent planes of the Human being. Thus the holistic approach to living beings is based on improving knowledge of the bodies relating to the different kingdoms, as well as that of the different constituents in movement.

Health sector

Health data has become a strategic issue in the socio-medical field and access to reliable data is fundamental to decision making. The search for and use of these data is a major issue for the evaluation of health systems. SLM Care develops tools for knowledge sharing through the use of intelligent databases generated by the Whispers Model, as well as cognitive tools enabling collaborative work between health sector actors, aiming to :

Responsiveness in diagnostics and faster patient management

Efficiency and precision in the choice of treatments and care

Improvement of medical research, supported by the emergence of collective intelligence

All our solutions aim hence to perfect the governance of health, understanding the care of the entirety of Man’s environment and consequently developing a holistic medicine preventive as well as predictive.

NEAH applied to the heath sector

The NEAH program, a tool for collective intelligence and collaborative work, applied to the health field and based on “Perpetual Machine Learning” technology, aims to make information literacy a tool for the effectiveness of the health system and its services.

Examples of action

Collecting the needs of associations working in the field of health thanks to several tools such as the Intelligent Care Factory, whose role is to optimise the knowledge and skills of the various players

The aggregation of the knowledge collected through “Perpetual Machine Learning” allows the cross-fertilization of the intelligence required for the deployment and implementation of projects

Expected Results

A better anticipation of needs and risks. In fact, an update of the legislation and of the normalisation in health areas

A better coordination and synergy between citizens, associations, institutions, public organisms and actors from the medical sector

A better management at the same time of natural, energetic, human, material and immaterial resources in the health area

AirTrib is a platform combining a commercial and ethical offer that raises awareness of the issues of indigenous peoples and sustainable development. AirTrib brings together 2 worlds separated by their lifestyles but who need to walk side by side in order to leave to the future generations a more viable world.

Air Business Tribe

AirTrib is reinventing the Business Traveler experience by offering a customized platform for online business class flight reservations. Thanks to various partnerships with tour operators and travel agencies, our search algorithm adapts to the customer’s preferences to design the most efficient routes for their trip, guaranteeing them a solution that fits their agenda.

Support the Origin People

AirTrib is also about spreading a message to support the cause of the Original Tribes. By booking on AirTrib, Business Travelers contribute to the protection of the world’s cultural heritage that the Tribes are the guarantors of. Thus, a portion of the revenues from reservations will be directly donated to associations involved in the protection of reserves and tribes around the world.

Intelligent Care Factory

As part of Unicity, the Intelligent Care Factory (ICaF) aspires to become an innovation centre for developing collaborative intelligence and artificial intelligence in the medical sector on a regional scale. With the contribution of NEAH and RIVALDI, it brings together the knowledge and skills of various actors (Associations, Entrepreneurs, Universities, CHUV, Hospitals). The ICaF aims to create a regional ecosystem pooling efforts for innovative initiatives in HealthTech.

In this target, the Intelligent Care Factory manages a chain of value throughout:

The collection of the needs of the associations

The methodology of the university research

Agile conceptualization of startups

Industrialization in the medical sector

ICaF aims to find solutions allowing to :

To assemble

Rationalise the use of data in the medical sector in order to establish the patient’s file containing all of the health records to allow a transdisciplinary approach of diagnoses and care.

To extend

Establish an information base to guide the diagnosis of practitioners by applying an algorithmic bias to ensure rapid and efficient patient management.

To converge

Make available an information portal about the progress in medical research, conducted by the emergence of the collective intelligence and the collaborative work.